Brown & Aqua Toolkit (New)


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Creating awesome looking cinematic Brown & Aqua styled images in Lightroom just got a whole lot easier with our Brown & Aqua Toolkit! This Toolkit isn’t simply 1 click effects; oh no! All our Toolkits give you both base Lightroom Presets and a range of fantastic looking Modifiers so you can start with a simple effect and within a couple of clicks, create something unique.

All our Lightroom Toolkits give you thousands of combinations to create truly unique styles! Quickly applied, tweaked and output, you’ll save hours of editing time!

This exclusive Lightroom Preset pack is available for a special launch price for a limited time!

Some examples (original image left):

The Preset Pack includes:

  • Aqua Punch
  • Basic B&A
  • Basic Detail Enhancer
  • Desaturated Glow
  • Mega Punchy
  • Punchy Detail Enhancer
  • Super Enhancer
  • Cool Toner
  • Cool Toner II
  • Midtone Brightener
  • Midtone Darkness
  • Red Shadow Booster
  • Shadow / Highlight Crusher
  • Shadow Crusher
  • Tone Crusher
  • Warm Toner
  • Warm Toner II

So that’s 17 individual Presets & Modifiers to get your creative juices flowing and your workload lightened all with this one Lightroom Preset Pack exclusively from LightroomTV.